From producer to consumer with a strategy aimed at quality!

Each individual processed chicken comes from poultry breeders who meet the most stringent quality and hygiene standards.

The chickens are delivered by our own fleet of modern lorries, each of which is equipped for container transport.

We deliberately chose container transport as this offers the best guarantee for fast, efficient and animal-friendly transportation.

Each load is given a "master code" upon delivery

Two slaughter lines ensure that the animals are stunned peacefully and bled fully.

The carcasses then pass through extremely fast and well designed cooling systems, after which they move on to the sorting department under optimal bacteriological conditions.

The cutting and packaging are undertaken on a conveyor belt, ensuring minimum handling and thus guaranteeing perfect hygienic quality.

The company's vet leads an internal quality team. This team supervises the entire production process constantly, and is also responsible for permanent staff training.

The unique "master code" principle applied by the abattoir results in transparent follow-up of carcasses and carcass parts. This guarantees the product to be traceable right up to the consumer.

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